Mbanq’s in-house experts, technology and automation algorithms help banks and FinTechs fully adhere to regulatory requirements by implementing a cost-effective and flexible system to manage compliance obligations. You will lighten your regulatory and compliance burden by outsourcing to Mbanq’s own in-house experts and systems.

Mbanq’s team assists with the definition of banking procedures and legal documents to help ensure your business and your clients always meet compliance standards. This includes:

        • Policy & procedures creation/review
        • Onboarding & KYC
        • Regulatory reporting
        • AML & transaction monitoring/reporting
        • Comprehensive fraud prevention
        • Support for any required SAR filings, bank audits and OFAC checks

You save significant outlays by eliminating the need for your own compliance staff and resources. Mbanq’s team have career-long expertise specializing in compliance and are always up-to-date on regulatory changes and requirements. The use of technology and automation in conjunction with experts will streamline compliance processes, making it easier for you to manage regulatory obligations.

Mbanq’s compliance solution adapts and scales to meet the needs of your business as it grows and regulatory requirements change. Additionally, by outsourcing with Mbanq, you will better manage regulatory risk and reduce the likelihood of non-compliance penalties.

Overall, Mbanq’s CaaS offers compliance peace of mind while delivering cost savings, expertise, automation, scalability and better risk management. It is an effective way for you to meet your compliance obligations.