Mbanq’s Disbursement as-a-Service (DaaS) is a payments solution that allows businesses to automate its payments processes and reduce the overhead costs associated with payments. It enables businesses to automate payment workflows, disburse funds to customers or suppliers and reduce operational complexities.

A significant benefit of DaaS is to reduce the costs and operational complexities of payment workflows. With traditional payment methods, businesses often face challenges with manual reconciliation, tracking, and reporting, which consume significant resources.

Mbanq’s DaaS provides the answer. It automates the payment process and streamlines the entire payment infrastructure to reduce the administrative workload.

Mbanq customizes payout options, such as direct bank account transfers, prepaid debit cards, virtual wallets, or instant payment options. These options provide recipients with a range of choices, flexibility, and convenience when receiving payments.

Mbanq’s DaaS solutions come with industry-leading built-in security features that secure sensitive financial data and prevent fraud in payment processing.

Mbanq’s DaaS allows organizations to transfer funds to their employees or customers quickly and securely.

Instead of writing checks or making direct deposits, you can use Mbanq’s DaaS to easily disburse funds electronically via bank transfers, prepaid cards and mobile wallets.

Mbanq offers powerful technology and easy-to-use APIs that can integrate with your existing systems to make disbursement more efficient and reduce the risk of fraud.

DaaS especially benefits organizations in industries which need to make frequent payouts to their customers or worker base.